Afinol Extreme SAE 5W-30, API SP (RC), dexos1 Gen2

PACKING, (L): 1 | 4 | 5 | 208

Afinol Extreme SAE 5W-30, API SP (RC), dexos1 Gen2 is a fully synthetic engine oil based on high quality synthetic base oils with a high viscosity index and a carefully selected additive package.

• API SP Resource Conserving
• GM dexos1 (TM) Gen 2
• Chrysler MS 6395
• Ford M2C946-A

✓ High and stable viscosity index
✓ Very good oxidation stability
✓ Higher fuel saving
✓ High level of corrosion protection
✓ Very good detergent and dispersant properties
✓ Excellent antiwear and antifoam properties
✓ Reliable lubricating film at high temperatures
✓ Excellent shear resistance
✓ Smooth cold start

Applicable for TOYOTA, KIA, HYUNDAI

MSDS - Safety Data Sheets:
MSDS 8317A Engine Oil 5W30 API SP(RC) dexos1 Gen2 EN v2

TD - 81120 - Engine oil 5W-30 API SP (RC), dexos1 Gen2 EN