About the brand


TM AFINOL is a trademark of motor oils created using a unique production technology to overcome wear of a car engine. The unique composition gave rise to the name of the AFINOL product range in honor of the ancient Greek goddess Athena, who, through her wisdom, prudence, inspiration, led military leaders to victory.

The manufacture of products under TM AFINOL is localized in German factories, the leaders in the production of lubricants in Germany. The company’s production facilities are located in Manheim, Germany. With over 85 years of experience, the company develops, manufactures and sells lubricants for virtually all applications and industries. For a long time, the company has been testing its engine oil, improving it, adopting already gained experience and achieving excellence in development in extreme engine operating conditions. Today lubricants under the AFINOL brand are successfully sold in the markets of Europe, Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

AFINOL UNITECH - high-quality motor oils for gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, which are produced using high-quality Group III base oil (HC-synthesis) and effective additive package. The use of the most modern base oil with low volatility and effective additive package ensures minimal waste consumption, protects against formation of deposits in the cylinders, on piston surfaces, valves, spark plugs, rings, as well as on turbocharger elements. UNITECH engine oils are a perfect service product for standard oil replacement intervals.

AFINOL EXTREME - premium class motor oils produced under innovative technology for cars and light trucks. Reliable formula ensures high performance at low and high temperatures. Unique advantages of this technology allow the oil performing well in modern heavily loaded engines, including the latest compact downsize engines with start-stop systems and emission control systems.
Advantages of the EXTREME range of oils:
• Its unique technology has improved fuel saving compared to engine oils of the same SAE viscosity grade
• Lower oil consumption
• Improved aging stability and viscosity reduction due to its unique formulation
• Excellent wear protection with maximum power output
• Perfect protection of exhaust cleaning system
• Preventing formation of deposits in engines and turbochargers

AFINOL TRANSTECH - to ensure trouble-free operation throughout their entire service life, modern vehicle transmissions require high-performance lubricants that protect gears against wear and ensure optimal protection during operation. In addition, extended replacement intervals up to life-long filling increase demands on oil quality. Our range of oils for automatic transmissions and manual transmissions offers superior performance and high wear protection. Our products are specially tailored to meet the requirements of any transmission, whether it is a dual-clutch transmission or continuously variable transmission.