Transmission oils


to ensure trouble-free operation throughout their entire service life, modern vehicle transmissions require high-performance lubricants that protect gears against wear and ensure optimal protection during operation. In addition, extended replacement intervals up to life-long refueling increase the demands on oil quality. Our product range of oils for automatic transmissions and manual transmissions offers superior performance and high wear protection. Our products are specially tailored to meet the requirements of any transmission, whether a dual-clutch transmission or continuously variable transmission.

Afinol Transtech SAE 75W-90 GL-5

fully synthetic high performance transmission oil for the use in manual transmissions and transmissions in passenger cars, vans, light and heavy commercial vehicles, and off-road equipment using SAE 75W-90 GL-5.

• API GL-4/5
• MT-1
• MB 235.0/235.8
• ZF TE-ML 02B, 05B, 07A, 12B, 16F, 17B, 19C, 21B
• SAE J2360
• Mack GO-J
• MAN 341-E2
• MAN 341-Z2
• MAN M3343S
• MAN 342-M3
• Scania STO 1:0
• MIL-PRF-2105E
• Arvin Meritor 0-76-N


Afinol Transtech CVT F

is an ultra high performance fully synthetic continuously variable transmission fluid designed from selected base oils and specially formulated for use in the latest generation of continuously variable transmission (CVT). ATF CVT Plus is created with highly refined synthetic base oil combined with a unique additive package to achieve maximum performance.

• Nissan NS-1, NS-2, NS-3
• Honda HMMF, HCF2
• Mitsubishi SP-III, CVTF-J1
• MB 236.20
• Subaru ECVT, iCVT
• Daihatsu Ammix CVT
• Suzuki CVTF Green 1
• Ford WSS-M2C928
• Hyundai SP-III
• EZL 799
• Chrysler/Jeep NS-2


Afinol, Transtech WS (LG6)

is ultra high life, long life fully synthetic ATF, specially designed for 6-speed ZF automatic transmissions that require M.1375-4 specification

• M1375.4
• Hyundai SP-IV
• VW G 055 005
• Toyota Type WS
• Nissan Matic S
• Mercon LV
• Dexron VI
• MB236.12


Afinol Multi Vehicle ATF

high quality synthetic fluid specially formulated with advanced multi-vehicle additive technology for a wide range of applications. It goes beyond complex requirements of automatic transmission/vehicle manufacturers in Europe, North America and Asia, including standard JASO 1-A created by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association.
Note: : not suitable for the use in continuously variable transmissions (CVT), dual clutch transmissions (DCT), Daimler MB 7-speed (NAG 2), ZF 6-speed.

• Allison C4, TES 295
• Texaco N402
• Chrysler +3, +4
• MAN 3391 V1/V2/Z2
• Chrysler AS68RC ATF
• Mazda ATF M-III, M5
• LT 71141, LA 23634
• MB 236.3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 91
• ETL -7045E, 8072B
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