Afinol, Transtech WS (LG6)


Afinol Transtech WS (LG6) is ultra high life, long life fully synthetic ATF, specially designed for 6-speed ZF automatic transmissions that require M.1375-4 specification

• M1375.4
• Hyundai SP-IV
• VW G 055 005
• Toyota Type WS
• Nissan Matic S
• Mercon LV
• Dexron VI
• MB236.12

✓ Excellent thermal and oxidation stability
✓ Excellent anti-wear and anti-corrosion technologies
✓ High shear stability
✓ Very low pour point for very low temperature performance
✓ High viscosity index ensure proper lubrication at both high operating and low starting temperatures

MSDS - Safety Data Sheets:
MSDS 8322A ATF Dexron VI EN v2

TD 84205 ATF LG6